Let's bring some happiness back into Monday...

     We are excited to announce a residency of sorts at our favorite hometown venue, Arlene's Grocery. We will be playing one Monday a month for the rest of the year. A few things to note about these shows...

  • They are free!
  • The drinks are cheap!
  • They will be followed by the Arlene's World Famous Rock n Roll Karaoke band...giving you the chance to sing one of hundreds of songs with a live band!
  • Each show will be opened by a different local artist
  • We will be trying out new tunes at each show
  • And they are free!

        Arlene's has a lot of history to it. Transformed into a live music venue from a bodega in 1995, Arlene's Grocery has been a staple of the NYC rock n roll scene ever since. It is also the background for one of my favorite all time concert bootlegs, as Jeff Buckley played there in 1997, showcasing some songs from what would have been his second LP. Sadly he passed later that year, but those recordings powerfully live on.

         Come on out and have some fun with us. Every show will offer something different and we hope to see you guys at all of them!