MoTHER and the City of BRoTHERly Love


    Cheese steaks, rabid sports fans, hip hop, soul, and rock n roll...this town holds a lot of history among these great states. It also holds a place in the heart of this band. Our guitar slayer, Mike Gowen, is originally a product of West Chester, PA and spent much of his childhood in the Philly area. Our first ever show as MoTHER was played at the Grape Room in Manayunk, and now it seems everything has come full circle being signed to David Ivory's Flexitone Records.

     David is a legendary Philadelphia-based producer and a part of many gold and platinum certified of these being The Roots' Things Fall Apart. This album is considered by many as the groups breakthrough, and was the first to earn them gold and platinum certifications. On the rock n' roll side of things, Atlantic recording artist Halestorm, is another product of the Ivory Productions universe. The female led Pennsylvania quartet got an early start developing their hard driving and raw sound at Dave's studio.

     That being said...we are very excited to be heading down the NJ Turnpike from New York City to Whiskey Tango in northern Philadelphia. We will be sharing the stage with our road brethren in On Top ( and more ass kicking locals. The info is in the flyer below. Be sure to check out our latest single on Flexitone Records, MEDICINE, and sing your asses off with us.